The Greenville Zoo

If your family loves animals, a trip to the little animal kingdom will be well worth your while. With its brilliant open-air exhibits and an extensive collection of wildlife-from those that roar to the ones that slither on the floor- the 14- acre Greenville Zoo is widely considered as the region's finest where the city's secrets are best kept. Here are some activities your Greenville Chiropractor reccomends you enjoy while visiting the zoo.

View The Animals

Although a small city zoo, it's a pleasant home for hundreds of animals. Some of the animals that are worth checking include the giraffes, African Aldabra Tortoises, South American anteater, African lions, and plumed birds of the aviary, which are toucans, Palawan peacocks, and hornbills, among other species of primates. In the reptile house, lizards, snakes, and frogs are some of the animals that call Greenville, SC home. The farm exhibits feature domestic animals, and if you happen to arrive around the opening or closing hours, you might get a chance to view the animal feeding.

Get entertained by Kumar and Lana

Preserving the best for last, your trip to the Greenville Zoo is not complete without seeing Kumar and Lana, the grand Sumatran orangutans. Not only are they impressed by the visitor, but they also have a way of showing it. These animals are trained to understand sign language. You'll be amused by how the zookeepers use sign language to ask the animals to entertain visitors and in return, they received a treat.

The Commissary

Would you like to add a little flavor to your visit? The behind the scenes tour brings a clear picture of the inner working of the Greenville Zoo! An ideal opportunity for animal enthusiasts, the zoo commissary allows you to learn more about preparation and the content of different animal's diets. You will also get a chance to ask questions about animal training sessions and have a closer interaction with animals. Ideally, you can take a glimpse of the animal's kitchen and the various menus for each animal. The zoo's nutritionist source and feed the animals with organic vegetables, and has mastered the feeding pattern because some animals eat more frequently than others. However, you need to know precisely when the animals feed to be able to enjoy these behind the scenes tours- but they are often held between 2 to 3 p.m.

Attend a Special Event

The Greenville Zoo is a beautiful place for you and your family to explore and learn a few things about animals. However, if you desire to take a sneak peek of the Greenville Zoo's best sceneries and days of fun, be on the lookout for activities that will add unique entertainment on the menu. The Greenville Zoo hosts community events throughout the year. These events include International Red Panda Day, ice cream social, Boo in the Zoo, among many others.

Bottom line

Greenville Zoo is a favorite attraction in Greenville, SC that allows visitors to enjoy wildlife from around the world. Visit the place to have a close view of the magnificent highlight that features more than 25 exhibits, which are spread throughout the landscaped ground.