Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have had pain in my left shoulder for over 2 years, to the point I had to rest my arm in my lap while driving. After about 4-5 laser treatments, I have increased mobility and less pain, which is great. With some minor shoulder exercises, I have not had pain in over 3 months. I would recommend the K-laser treatment."

- Maury P.

"I am 69 years old and have had shoulder problems over the last 15-20 years. I have seen the chiropractor for adjustments and mentioned the shoulder problem to the doctor. He suggested that I try the K-Laser treatment. I did give it a try, and after the first few treatments I had much better movement and range of motion. I also noticed that the pain level was much less. After several treatments, I am pain-free and have no stiffness in the shoulder. I would highly recommend the laser treatment as I have seen first hand the great results. Thank you to Dr. Kantor for recommending the K-Laser."

- Andrew B.

"Dr. Kantor has treated all of my family for injuries with the K-Laser. After 6 treatments, the pain in my shoulder, which had occurred for 7 years, was eliminated. Laser treatment from Dr. Kantor’s office lessened the healing time for an injury to my husbands knee also. Dr. Kantor had treated my daughter for whiplash injury to the neck with good results. The combination of adjustments, laser, and massage in Dr. Kantors office had greatly decreased her pain and muscle spasms.

I highly recommend Dr. Kantor for his expertise in applying laser treatments and also for chiropractic adjustments. Our family has benefited greatly from his care."

- Janice L.

"Greenville spinal decompression testimonial I have suffered with lower back pain for over 20 years. I recently began undergoing spinal decompression. After only a few treatments, I began to feel less pressure in my lower back. I was actually unaware of the pressure I had been feeling until it was alleviated. Now, I feel I am beginning to enjoy a greater range of motion.

I have also had problems with recurring (severe) headaches. I was actually up each morning expecting to feel a headache. After only one treatment (decompression) I felt an immediate change when the pressure I was feeling at the base of my neck was relieved. Then, I was pleasantly surprised to get through a stressful week at work without a headache."

- Karen H.

"Greenville spinal decompression testimonialI have suffered for over a year with lower back pain, knee pain, and numbness in my left arm. After going to my medical doctor who had tried his best to help me, I have had MRI’s, x-rays, shots, and the list goes on. Still experiencing no relief, I decided to try Dr. Kantor at his Chiropractic Health Center. I have had 5 treatments so far, and I am here to tell you I am finally getting back to myself. Most of the pain is finally subsiding and I am really on the road to a pain free life. Many thanks to Dr. Kantor, Dr. Allison, and the whole staff — they are all angels."

- Rabecca L.

"I came to Dr. Cantor’s office about a year ago with a herniated disk. After following the treatment plan Dr. Cantor prescribed to me my pain and back problems were gone. All the staff and the Dr.’s are extremely kind and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this to family and friends and I have."

- Edward M.

"I was in a car accident where I was rear ended sitting at a red light. My car was totaled and I suffered back injury and left the scene in an ambulance. I was advised by my lawyer Chris Garcia to seek chiropractic treatment and he referred me to Dr. Ari Kantor at the Chiropractic Health Center. After my first visit I immediately felt results. The staff here is very accommodating, caring, and hospitable. In all of my years I’ve never had to see a chiropractor but being in a car accident I must say that the treatment I received here at this Chiropractic Health Center was absolutely amazing and they even provided me with several exercises to help with my recovery. This is really a great place if you need chiropractic treatment."

- Julian B.

"I have had shoulder, neck, and back pain for many years and Dr. Allison has been extremely helpful in correcting these issues and helping me achieve more mobility in this area! Not only did she resolve this pain, but she also taught me ways to adapt and adjust my body mechanics to improve my flexibility moving forward. I love how friendly the rest of the staff is, it really makes you feel at ease… I would recommend the Chiropractic Health Center to everyone!"

- Jessica H.

"Dr. Kantor has resolved my sciatic nerve pain that once ran down my right side. He and his staff are warm and friendly, and his office atmosphere is restful and inviting. Dr. Kantor shows interest in you, and takes time to understand what you are experiencing.

I was having severe pain running down my right side and found it difficult to even sit on a soft couch to watch TV for more than an hour. My right hip and leg would become very painful. Someone recommended that I see Dr. Kantor to see what he could do for me.

I have been seeing him for regular adjustment sessions for over eleven years to keep a Sciatic nerve problem from re-occurring. He initially alleviated the pain after I had a couple of sessions a week for three or four weeks. After that I began going only for regular adjustments to maintain proper spinal and hip alignments to prevent further Sciatic nerve symptoms.

I am 71 years old and enjoy playing golf, and I feel that I am able to turn my shoulders during the golf swing just as easily as I could when I was much younger. Also, I am able to ride or drive on long trips, no longer bothered by Sciatic nerve pain in my legs, which I used to have when traveling.

I certainly recommend Dr. Kantor and his expertise as a caring Chiropractor."

- John H.

"I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, and sciatica. Spinal Decompression has been a life safer. The adjustments, natural supplements, and massages help, too. Dr. Kantor is always doing research to find the best and most up to date treatments for his patients. He and his staff are very friendly and positive. I highly recommend Dr. Kantor for pain relief."

- Elaine H.

"I visited Dr Kantor’s office after I was in a car accident. The staff are very friendly and professional. After just one week of treatment I noticed a significant improvement in the pain in my neck and back. I am very pleased with the care I have received from both Dr Kantor and Dr Allison. I highly recommend them to take care of your chiropractic needs."

- Jessica M.

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