Physical Therapy Mobility Service in Greenville

Chiropractic Greenville SC Physical Therapy Mobility Service

At Chiropractic Health Center, our chiropractic services help alleviate and manage pain symptoms as well as provide comprehensive therapy for overall wellness. In addition to general chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy, we also offer effective and affordable physical therapy modalities in Greenville, SC to restore and improve overall functionality and motion.

Chiropractic Health Center is conveniently located in Greenville, SC, where we proudly serve the Upstate. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our professional chiropractor and find out if you are a candidate for our Physical Therapy Modality service.


When your mobility has been affected by an injury of if you are having increasing difficulty performing daily tasks such as walking upstairs, our health care team at Chiropractic Health Center can help restore your full range of motion.

Depending on the type and severity of your condition, various physical therapy modality exercises may be utilized to:

  • Optimize your joints
  • Restore your flexibility
  • Increase strength, coordination, and balance

Core stability exercises, stress-relieving stretches, and strengthening exercises may be utilized to reduce pressure on the joints and help make the body stronger to maintain functionality and help prevent future injury.

Am I A Candidate For Physical Therapy Modality?

During your consultation with our health care team, your individual condition and severity of symptoms will be thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed, and we will help you determine if you should incorporate physical therapy modality into your treatment plan.

What Are The Benefits Of Physical Therapy Modality?

While exercising on your own can be beneficial to your health and mobility, it can be difficult to know which types of physical therapy modalities exercises will help your target areas the most. Under the medical supervision of our team at Chiropractic Health Center, we will help you optimize and strengthen your target areas safely and effectively, eliminating the risk of further injury or muscle damage.

Physical therapy modality can also improve your overall quality of life, allowing you to perform everyday tasks more quickly and efficiently, such as tying your shoes, walking, and getting dressed.

Additionally, there are also condition-specific exercises that can benefit you more directly than a generic exercise regimen and can be incorporated at home to help maintain your mobility after you leave our office.

As patients vary in terms of how quickly they recover and how many sessions are required, our health care team will let you know during your consultation what kind of rehab treatment plan will have the most benefit for you.

Active Strength Conditioning

Active strength conditioning along with chiropractic modalities are extremely important when you go through a series of chiropractic treatment plans for given conditions. So, along with chiropractic adjustments, electrotherapeutic modalities, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, spinal decompression, and other treatments it is very important to integrate active strength conditioning. This will help benefit the passive treatment protocol and prolong its effectiveness.

In our office we use softer based exercise protocol customized for the patient's condition. We use in office exercise sessions with the goal that the patient will have the confidence to continue the protocol and use it at home as well.

Strength and conditioning is something that should be practiced daily and weekly to promote the personal overall health and prevent episodes of acute pain, restrictions, and the inability to be physically active.

Our goal is to give patients the tools to continue improving their health on their own, which will allow them to hold their adjustments better and effectively result in a healthier lifestyle.

Contact Chiropractic Health Center of Greenville SC today at (864) 516-8917 to schedule a consultation with our health care team and professionally trained chiropractor and discover the benefits of physical therapy modality.

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