The Importance of Muscles Conditioning For Spine Joints Health, Posture, Alignment, and Function

The importance of muscles conditioning for spine joints health, posture, alignment, and function.

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There are over 650 skeletal muscles in human body. Skeletal muscles account for about 40 percent of total body weight. Muscles do tend to deteriorate atrophy with aging. The health of skeletal muscles can negatively be impacted by impaired circulation, infection, inflammation, lack of physical activity-usage, acute vs. repetitive trauma, poor posture, and nutritional deficiencies.

The Importance of Muscle Conditioning in Greenville

Muscles are contractile tissue. Means a muscle can contract and shorten or contract and lengthen. A muscle can also contract without any change in length.
There are muscles that are part of internal organ structure, blood vessels structure, and the one that this article focus on are skeletal muscles. Muscles that connect between bones. Tendon is part of a muscle that connect to bone.

Skeletal muscles stabilize the skeleton, allow coordinated movement of joints, and provide stability to joints. Muscles are the most important anatomical structure to the stability of human body joints and posture.

In many cases of poor posture and abnormal alignment of spine and joints, the main cause is abnormal muscles contraction, muscles imbalance, and muscles dysfunction. Too much contraction, hyper-tonic, spasm, trigger points (fibers within a muscle that are in hyper-contractile state). Or, muscles that are too weak, atrophy. The following are possible causes of muscles dysfunction. A muscle can be inflamed. A muscle can have a lack of blood flow, circulation causing low oxygen level and poor nutrient supply. Common injuries to muscles, such as strain or tear can affect the muscle ability to stabilize joints, move joints, coordinate movement, and support normal posture. Thus, contributing to abnormal posture, abnormal joints alignment, and abnormal joints mobility-function.

Many sports, work, and car accident injuries, as well as repetitive injuries involve muscles. Thus, it is very important to evaluate muscles and treat muscles tissue, in timely and correct manner, to prevent abnormal muscles function.

Full spectrum muscles conditioning involves power, strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility.
This is best achieved with a muscle tissue that is not inflamed and has no tear as a result of recent trauma, or ongoing repetitive strain.

Many of the standard tests such as x-ray, CT scan don’t show muscles abnormalities. It is important to evaluate muscles via stretch tests, contraction tests, examination by hand (palpation), and if clinically necessary to use diagnostic ultrasound or MRI for accurate diagnosis. This will allow a treating doctor or therapist to provide the correct treatment protocol. Trauma whether direct acute onset or repetitive, can cause inflammation, abnormal contraction, impaired movement, and instability of joints.

Treatment options for muscles dysfunction are as follow. Laser therapy. Ultrasound therapy. Different forms of electrical stimulation modalities. Application of ice vs. heat. Natural anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements. Massage Therapy. Stretch, strength, and coordination exercise training. Postural awareness training.

In summary, muscles are very important and inseparable component of correcting joints mobility, joints alignment, posture, and overall skeletal function. In the Chiropractic Health Center, Greenville, SC, we pay great deal of attention to muscles abnormalities, diagnosis, and treatment protocols. Aiming at reducing pain, improving alignment, improving mobility, and promoting better functioning musculoskeletal system. Dr. Kantor has many years of experience treating abnormal muscles related conditions.

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