The Greenville Children's Museum

Greenville is one of the Southeast's most beautiful tourist destinations that attract more than 3.9 million tourists each year. Located 4 hours west of Charleston, SC and 60 miles south of Asheville, NC, Greenville is a charming, warm city that has gone through significant revitalization since 2011. From indoor/outdoor entertainment, a wide selection of restrooms and restaurants, 39 Parks and museum including the Children's Museum of the Upstate, Greenville, SC has a wealth of amenities that make it an enjoyable and walkable town for all.

A Day At The Children's Museum of the Upstate

Being the 7th largest children's museum in the country, Children's Museum of the Upstate offers 80,000 Square feet of fun! Here are amusing things to do in The Children's Museum of the Upstate.

Bib's World

The Children's Museum of the Upstate was found as a place to inspire interactive and hands-on learning in a comfortable and safe environment for children of all ages. With your day of fun starting right at the entrance, your kids will probably go running into the Bib's World, an outdoor play area that is accessible once you have entered the museum. Bib's World has a large yellow twisting slide that is attached to a climbing apparatus, a giant climbing tire tower, play area for toddlers, and more.

Car racing

Right inside the door, there is this big and exciting space for kids, where they design their own Formula 1 race car. Here, kids can "drive" race car simulators, or build a car altogether and race it down a track as they learn about aerodynamics.

Exhibit galleries

Conveniently located on the cultural campus of Heritage Green in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC, the Children's Museum offers ample parking and is close to all the action. It features twenty exhibit galleries including two outdoor interrelating exhibit spaces, a traveling exhibit hall, and an outdoor programming space. When you visit, you'll have the chance to experience more than 100 exhibit components with a range of programming in arts, humanities, health, nutrition, sciences, and environment.

Grandma Betty's Farm

Located on the third floor, Grandma Betty's Farm is a nice, cool area where the children play in an enclosed area. Perfect for your little guy, S/he can enjoy playing with stuff in the kitchen, there's a slide, "vegetables" to plant, a cow to milk, and a lot more. If you are getting tired at this point and would like to take a little rest, there are rocking chairs for moms and dads.

Garage Rock

A stop at Garage Rock will allow you the opportunity to experiment with the beat-box machine and play different musical instruments, and pinball.

Greenville, SC, endless fun

When we talked about a day of fun, we mean it. There is so much more for you to experience including shopping in the BI-LO Market, Light Waves Ahead, Children's Hospital, and making your own TV Broadcast. Other activities like story-time sessions and scavenger hunts are also available.

The takeaway

Whatever your kid's age, The Children's Museum of the Upstate is a place of possibility for you and your child to explore, imagine, discover, and BE ANYTHING. Designed to encourage learning, this state-of-the-art museum will allow your child to explore and inspire curiosity for a lifetime.