Falls Park on the Reedy in Greenville

Falls Park on the Reedy is more than a nature lover's paradise. Located in the center of downtown, not far from your Greenville Chiropractor, it is a centerpiece and an urban oasis of the city, where people gather to play, work, and celebrate life. With the transformation of the overgrown river valley and the forgotten 40-foot tall waterfall, the facility offers a wide array of activities for people of all interests and age. Here's a rundown of things to do in Falls Park on the Reedy.

Go for a picnic

Fall Park boasts delightfully landscaped paths, and "garden rooms" that bring the best of the region's seasonal color and ample space for both visitors and local to enjoy the scenery of the green grass. It is packed with dozens of small gardens that bloom through the joint effort of the town's citizens. The park provides natural beauty all year round, making it a perfect place for picnics, yoga, and relaxing with friends and family. There are picnic shelters also if you need shade during your summer visit. Besides, the welcoming water draws people downtown to come to walk with their furry four-legged friends as they stroll along the river banks.

Take a view on Liberty Bridge

The curved, 355-foot-long, ultra-light suspension liberty bridge was designed by a renowned architect, Miguel Rosales. The bridge offers a dramatic aerial view of the falls as well as the surrounding gardens that are far below. It also overlooks the place where first European settler in Greenville, SC established his trading station in 1768. While other bridges have been built with similar structural concepts in Europe, Liberty Bridge has a unique geometry, and there is nothing to compare to it in the United States and beyond.

The dramatic view of Reedy River waterfalls

The Five gardens in Falls Park on the Reedy provide a variety of plants and flowers, but the highlight of natural beauty is found at the heart of the small rushing waterfalls, which, though small, provide the soothing resonance of falling water.

Discover the historic meaning of the park

During a walk in the park, you'll pass a series of informative and markers stations that tell you more about the historical meaning of the park. This area is often called "The cradle of Greenville," and is historically related to the textile industry that was found in the upstate of South Carolina. Also, the cabin, remnants of the Vardy Mill and old McBee Mill are scattered all over the area.

How about a good hike

Falls Park on the Reedy offers a pleasant and informative hike for any age. It has paved trails for bicycling and hiking, such as the Swamp Rabbit Trail that passes through and connects the park to Cleveland Park, Linky Stone Park, and the Greenville Zoo. In addition, the park is a popular location for public events including stage performances, festivals, and many more. Keep your eye on the calendar to find out what's happening next.

Bottom line

A visit to Falls Park on the Reedy is a remarkable chance to experience nature at its best. With so much to offer, you'll also share in the outdoor amphitheaters, nature trails, world-class work of public art, excavated mill ruins, and self-guided walking tour on the historic markers.