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Health Happens Together in Greenville

November 26, 2018

Health Happens Together in Greenville Ever lived with a smoke alarm in the kitchen that had a hair trigger?  The kind where you cook anything for longer than 5 minutes and the alarm sounds, sending everyone in the house flying to open windows and doors to shut the racket off? The problem with an alarm…

Having a Greenville Chiropractor On Your Side

November 16, 2018

HAVING A Greenville CHIROPRACTOR ON YOUR SIDE Chance are if you have counted on conventional medicine to get you out of every health situation, you have been let down at some point or another. Chiropractic care manages to be that stop-gap solution that allows people to experience true health. If you want to know why…

What Kind of Education do Chiropractors in Greenville Have

November 16, 2018

WHAT KIND OF EDUCATION DO CHIROPRACTORS IN Greenville HAVE? Chiropractors in Greenville go through a tremendous amount of coursework in order to earn their degree. Many chiropractors are more than happy to discuss their training with you. The rigorous schooling required of chiropractors ensures that you receive the chiropractic care you deserve. It’s not easy…

Greenville SC car crash

Car Accident Acceleration Decelration Whiplash Injury in Greenville

November 15, 2018

Car Accident Acceleration Decelration Whiplash Injury in Greenville Car accidents whiplash injuries are a huge public health problem.  About three million people experience whiplash injuries to neck and back annually.  Some will fully recover.  Some will continue to have chronic long term symptoms.  And some will become disabled.  If injured, there is over 50% chance…

Overcoming Migraines in Greenville with Chiropractic

November 2, 2018

OVERCOMING MIGRAINES IN Greenville WITH CHIROPRACTIC If you are dealing with migraines in Greenville then you know how frustrating they can be to deal with regularly. Everyone’s migraines are different in their own way but the common thread among them is the pain they impart. A single migraine is enough to throw a productive day…

Greenville SC car crash

Tips After Being In A Car Accident in Greenville

October 30, 2018

Tips After Being In A Car Accident in Greenville If you have been in an auto accident in the Greater Greenville SC area, this is what you need to do immediately. Tips After Being in An Auto Accident in Greenville Call the police immediately to report the car accident. Evaluation by Emergency Medical Care. Once…